Cal Poly Pomona

Miscellaneous Benefits

CalPERS Member Home Loan Program

The CalPERS Member Home Loan Program is a benefit available to help CalPERS Members with their home financing needs. An eligible employee may purchase their new home or refinance their existing home loan using the Program. Employees participating in CalPERS Member Home Loan Program will actually be doing business with a CalPERS authorized home loan lender who is committed to giving the employee the service they deserve at a competitive rate.For information on the CalPERS Member Home Loan Program visit their Web page at or call 1-800-874-PERS (1-800-874-7377).

Cal Poly Federal Credit Union

Membership in the Credit Union is available to all employees. All accounts with the Credit Union are insured and savings deposits or loan payments may be made through payroll deductions. For additional information contact the Credit Union at (909) 598-6548 or (909) 869-6800.

Discount Cards and Offers

Discount cards for use at various recreational facilities, such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain and Sea World, are available from the Customer Service Center located in Human Resource Services, CLA Building 98, Room B1-20.