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Register for CalPERS Online
Services & Enroll in Workshops

How to Register for CalPERS Online Services

To register for CalPERS on-line access, visit the CalPERS website ( and click on "Register Now" near the top of the right-hand navigation bar. You will need to register with CalPERS only once.

Registering involves three easy steps. Just follow the prompts and directions provided online by CalPERS. If you encounter problems and need assistance, please call CalPERS at (888) 225-7377. Below we've outlined the three steps, so you'll know what to expect.

Steps to Register for CalPERS Online Services:

  1. Read & Agree to their Security Agreement
  2. You'll need to identify yourself as a CalPERS member. In this step you'll be asked to "authenticate" yourself by entering your First and Last Name, your Date of Birth, and your Social Security number.
  3. Set up your account profile. In this step, you'll choose a User ID, Password (6 numerical digits), and Personal Hint Question & Answer.

Once you've completed these three steps, you'll have immediate online access. You'll be able to view your CalPERS Annual Statements, enroll in CalPERS workshops, and utlize many more online services available to members.

Registering for a CalPERS Workshop

Once you've registered with CalPERS, you will be able to enroll in workshops. You will be provided instructions and prompted throughout the enrollment process. However, following are step-by-step instructions to assist you.

Steps for Enrolling in a CalPERS Workshop:

  • From the CalPERS Website, click on Log-in near the top of the right-hand navigation pane.
  • Select "Online Services-CalPERS Members Only"
  • Enter your CalPERS User ID and Password, then click "Continue"
    This will take you back to the main CalPERS page. Your name will be displayed near the top of the right-hand navigation pane.
  • From the main page, select the link for "CalPERS Education Center" which is listed under the right-hand header "Online Services"
  • From the CalPERS Education Center, select "Get Started" to choose and enroll in a class.
  • in the left-hand navigation pane, select "My Education" and then "Select a Class"
    Wait a moment as the options close up and the new page loads.
  • Click on the box in the third dark gray box--"Display Classes Sponsored by Employers", then wait a moment for the new page to load.
  • The courses are in alpha order. Scroll down through the list to identify the class you are interested in. Note: Be careful to identify Cal Poly Pomona sponsored classes versus Cal Poly SLO (San Luis Obispo).
  • Click on the class you are interested in and you'll receive summary information, including the number of seats available, the location, date, and time.
  • If a seat is available, click on Next Steps - "Enroll"
  • Complete the enrollment form and place a check mark for an email confirmation and enter your email address, then click "Next"
  • The enrollment summary page will open up for your review and you will have the option to edit your information. Once information is correct, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Submit"
  • You will receive a confirmation email from CalPERS within a few minutes.
  • At this point you may enroll in another class/workshop/event, review other information on your accout, or just simply log out.