Classifying and Reclassifying

Cal Poly Pomona carries out the position classification process in accordance with the Classification and Qualification Standards that have been defined by the California State University (CSU). It is the policy of the CSU to prohibit discrimination against any employee on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability or veteran status.

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a clear and specific course of action, and roles and responsibilities for the staff employee, HEERA manager, and Human Resources classification professionals when determining the appropriate classification, audit, and/or review of staff positions. In the event a bargaining agreement differs from the procedures outlined in this document, the bargaining agreement will take precedence. The President or her designee may deviate from this procedure when necessary.

Position classification is the systematic categorization of positions based on duties and responsibilities as defined by position Classification and Qualification Standards developed by the Chancellor's Office of the CSU.

Some positions also have varying skill levels, based on the overall knowledge and skill requirements of the position.

Each university position is placed into an appropriate job classification. Since the classification process involves an assessment of the nature and level of the work performed, positions are classified on the basis of the duties and responsibilities required of the position, not on an evaluation of employee performance.

In determining the classification level of a position, the following factors are considered:

    • The purpose and variety of work including complexity and difficulty
    • The specific job duties and the amount of time spent on each
    • The nature of supervisory control exercised over the position
    • The availability and nature of guidelines controlling decisions and actions
    • Nature and scope of authority
    • Use of independent judgment/discretion and originality of thinking required
    • Purpose and nature of supervisory relationships and internal/external contacts
    • Nature and extent of lead work direction over others
    • Required qualifications
    • Temporary or permanent nature of the continuation of job duties

The Compensation/Classification Specialist will compare the job description to the CSU Classification Standards and to other similar positions on campus, and conduct an analysis of what classification best describes where the majority of the job duties and work falls into.

Positions are normally classified prior to the recruitment and hiring process. A position is classified based on the identified needs of the hiring department, and not on the wide-ranging skills that an individual candidate may bring to the University. In other words, the position is classified and not the person holding the position. Potentially a candidate or staff person may bring many skills to a position, but the position only calls for the use of a few of those skills, therefore the position is classified based on the identified skills and job duties of the position.

As a position changes or needs of the department evolve, the position may need to be reviewed to determine if a classification change has occurred. A request for classification or skill level review can be initiated by the manager or the employee. Classification changes may be temporary or permanent in nature. Movement from one skill level to a higher skill level within a classification is referred to as in-classification progression; this applies to certain positions in CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7 and 9) and the Confidential series.

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Requests for a classification review may be initiated by the employee in a position, or by the HEERA Manager. A request for a classification or skill level review may be submitted whenever it is believed that significant changes in a position's duties has occured or are anticipated. In most bargaining units, an employee who believes a significant change in job duties has occurred, may request a classification review of his/her position through their immediate supervisor or line management. A successful classification review should clearly demonstrate that the employee has been assigned, and is performing, significant and permanent changes in work responsibilities and job duties.

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CSUEU employees (Bargaining Units 2, 5, 7, and 9) may request a classification review pursuant to their contract. Other employees may request a classification review through their HEERA Manager.

    1. The employee completes a Cal Poly Pomona Position Description Form, found at the website link listed under the "Forms" section of this procedure. This form includes a helpful instruction page. The employee checks the box "Request for Classification Review" at the top of the first page of the form. We strongly recommend that the employee and manager discuss this request and collaborate on the final version of the Position Description. Several drafts may be necessary to achieve this goal.
    2. The completed and signed Position Description Form is submitted to the employee's HEERA Manager for final review. It should include all signatures, an organization chart, and a cover memo describing the need for the proposed new classification. The employee should also send a copy of their request, including the proposed Position Description, to the Manager, Employment and Compensation, in the Human Resources Department.
    3. The HEERA Manager verifies the accuracy of the job duties, ensures that the position description, as drafted, meets the needs of the department and is structured to accomplish the work needed in an efficient manner. The manager signs the request and attaches a cover memo and comments as to his/her evaluation of whether or not the job has substantially changed. The Manager forwards the request to the appropriate Vice President.
    4. In the event the parties cannot agree, the HEERA Manager is encouraged to submit the memo requesting a review and express these concerns. Since an employee can submit a request for review, please allow the classification review process to determine the correct job assessment. The HEERA Manager will be consulted in the process.
    5. The appropriate Vice President signs the request and forwards the packet to the Manager, Employment and Compensation, in the Human Resources Department. Human Resources will date stamp the submitted paperwork.
    • If there is a reclassification, the effective date will be retroactive to the beginning of the pay period when HR receives the final version.
    • It is important that the classification review request be submitted to Human Resources in a timely manner.

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    1. If the employee's HEERA Manager is requesting a classification review, a cover memo is submitted which includes the changes in duties and responsibilities and any suggested new classification(s). The manager and the employee update the Cal Poly Pomona Position Description Form (listed under the "Forms" section of this procedure) and both parties sign the form. 
    2. The completed job description, cover memo, and organization chart is submitted through the line organization to the appropriate Vice President, who signs the request and forwards it to Human Resources.

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Note: Human Resources will complete the review within 180 days from receipt of the approved classification review request (approved by HEERA Manager and Vice President).

    1. Upon receipt of the completed request, Human Resources will initiate a classification or skill-level review. This may involve separate interviews with the employee and HEERA Manager or may be handled through a "paper review" of the job description. However, if it is determined that the correct procedure is a temporary reassignment or in-range progression increase, then the Manager, Employment and Compensation, or the Compensation/Classification Specialist will discuss this with the employee's HEERA manager. If the procedure has changed from classification review to another procedure, the employee will be informed by their HEERA Manager.
    2. Based upon the review and analysis of the classification audit or paper review, the Compensation/Classification Specialist will issue a Position Classification Review Decision and a written analysis informing all applicable parties of the decision.
    3. If there is a reclassification, the effective date of the new classification is the beginning of the monthly pay period in which the approved Request for Classification Review was received by Human Resources. In general, the employee will receive a 5% salary increase or the minimum of the new salary range, whichever is greater. For example: Request received on February 15, 2007 and a reclassification is determined "approved" on March 30, 2007. The Reclassification request is retroactively effective on February 1, 2007).
    4. In the event the request is denied, an employee may file an appeal of a classification decision pursuant to their collective bargaining agreement (CBA). An appeal may be filed with Human Resources by the employee or manager within the timeframe allotted by their CBA.

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A Recruitment Request Form (including appropriate approvals) is submitted to Human Resources along with an updated job description. The Manager, Employment and Compensation, will analyze and classify the position. If the hiring manager is looking to change the level or classification of an existing position, please specify intent on the cover memo.

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