Salary Stipend Guidelines and Instructions CSUEU (Bargaining Units 2, 5, 7, 9)

An employee shall receive a monthly salary stipend when assigned by an appropriate administrator to temporary project coordination or lead work functions. The additional work or special projects need to be over and above the employee’s regular assigned duties. These supplemental work assignments are to be made in writing and must have a specific beginning and ending date.

Procedures for requesting a stipend or extension of an existing stipend:

  1. The appropriate administrator (HEERA Manager) must complete and sign the stipend request form.
  2. Stipends can be requested for an initial period of one year or less and can be renewed for another year, not to exceed two years.
  3. The minimum stipend is 3% of the base monthly salary rate. It must have a specific start and end date (best if it coincides with the pay periods).
  4. Once completed, the form and the written justification/rationale are to be forwarded through the applicable management line for the approval of the Vice President/Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  5. After management line approvals are obtained, the form is to be forwarded to Human Resources (Attn: Manager, Employment and Compensation) for review and processing of the request.
  6. The decision of the appropriate administrator shall be final and shall not be subject to grievance procedures.
  7. The stipend amount is included in the calculation of paid overtime.
  8. Funding for the stipend must be from the same source as for the employee’s position.

Last Updated Date: 12/17/14