Breaks/Rest Periods

Non-Exempt Employee Breaks/Rest Periods

In accord with CSU Collective Bargaining Agreements and federal/state laws pertaining to rest periods, a non-exempt employee shall be allowed rest periods each workday of fifteen (15) minutes for each four (4) hours worked. 

Rest period schedules shall be determined by the appropriate administrator in accordance with the operational needs of the department.   When an employee is required to perform duties during a scheduled rest period, the appropriate administrator shall endeavor to reschedule the rest period for that workday.

Breaks shall be counted towards hours worked and may not be accumulated or combined with meal periods nor moved to the beginning or end of a the work period.  Breaks must be given as close to the middle of the four-hour work period as is practicable. 

Breaks for Worksite Lactation Accommodation

Special accommodations are made for break times for employees who are nursing mothers. Refer to Breaks for Expressing Milk for additional information.