Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Employees (M80)


  • MPP employees are to be evaluated after six-months and one year of service, and subsequently at one year intervals.
  • Evaluation shall also form the basis for recommendations for management development, professional leaves or other activities related to career development and upward mobility.
  • Divisional timelines are to be determined by each Vice President. The criteria and process for evaluation shall be determined by the appointing power.
  • All evaluations are due to the division Vice President by the last week of the fiscal year.
  • Following the review, Vice Presidents are to direct all MPP evaluations to the President by the first week of August, if not sooner.


  • MPP employees are to be evaluated on an annual basis.  Employees being evaluated are to prepare a written status report on their previous year’s Administrative Work plan – See Part A of the MPP Employee Evaluation Report.
  • The employee needs to create a new Administrative Work plan for the next fiscal year period and submit for review/approval. The evaluator reviews, modifies and then approves the new plan.
  • The evaluator prepares the Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Employee Evaluation Report for the current fiscal year.


MPP Employment Status, per Title 5, § 42723:

An MPP employee serves at the pleasure of the campus President or the Chancellor, as appropriate. An MPP employee shall not serve a probationary period and shall not receive permanent status.

Definition of 'MPP' as stated under Title 5 (the CA Code of Regulations) and HEERA

Title 5 is as follows: The CSU MPP is an integrated personnel system addressing the employment rights, benefits, and conditions of those CSU employees designated as "management" or "supervisory" under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA). The MPP includes four grade levels each with a salary delimited by minimum and maximum rates of salary determined by the Chancellor and approved by the Board of Trustees on the basis of comparative salary data from competitive public and private organizations. The salary ranges may be reviewed and adjusted as the Chancellor and the Trustees deem appropriate.

The Chancellor or designee shall assign each MPP position to one of the four grade levels within the MPP.  The assignment of a position to a particular grade level shall be based on an assessment of the skills, knowledge, and other qualifications needed to satisfactorily perform the position's assigned duties as well as the nature and complexity of the program or organizational unit managed or supervised by the position, the scope of management or supervisorial responsibility, job demands, extent of independent decision making authority, accountability, and impact of policies administered and/or decisions made. Working and organizational titles devised by the appointing power may be used to describe a MPP position and the assignment of a position to a grade level may vary from campus to campus depending on an assessment of the circumstances and factors on each campus.


Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Performance Evaluation Form  (PDF)