Pay Plan Programs

Staff employees may request permanent time base changes (increases and decreases) subject to their management line's approval, based on operational needs of the university.

Request Procedures

Requests are to be submitted in writing (Memorandum), must be signed by the employee, and are to include the following information/statements:

  • Employee's Name
  • Classification Title
  • Department/College/Division
  • Bronco Number
  • Current Timebase
  • Proposed/Requested Timebase
  • Work Hours (subject to change based on operational needs)
  • Effective date for the change in timebase to begin (must coincide with the beginning of a pay period--see the Pay Period Calendar)
  • Designation that the change is to be permanent
    (Note: temporary reductions in timebase are considered partial leaves of absence--see Leaves of Absence procedures on the Payroll Services Website)
  • Collective bargaining unit number

Impact on Health Benefits Eligibility

Employee eligibility for health benefits (medical, dental, and vision) is based on length and timebase of appointment. Once benefits eligibility is established, it continues into subsequent consecutive appointments where the set timebase does not drop below half-time (.50).

Approval of Timebase Changes

Permanent timebase changes must be submitted to your HEERA manager for approval through your line organization, with final approval by your vice president. The work hours need to be indicated on the request and are subject to the HEERA manager's approval and could change based on operational needs of the university.

If the position's duties are changing (versus a change in volume of work), then an updated position description form outlining the work to be performed at the new timebase must be submitted along with the employee's approved request to Sandra Bufalini, Employment & Compensation Manager, Human Resources.