Retired Annuitant Appointments

California laws permit former California State University (CSU) employees who retire and receive CalPERS retirement benefits to accept limited CSU post-retirement employment without reinstatement or penalty, under certain conditions.

A 180-day waiting period is required between the individual's retirement date and the date the post-retirement (retired annuitant) employment will begin, with certain exceptions. Some exceptions to the required 180-day wait period include the following: 

    • Retired public safety officers, as defined in GC section 3301 (peace officer) who will perform peace officer retired annuitant work are exempt from the 180-day wait period.  

    • CSU Faculty participating in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) are also exempted so long as their participation is pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement with the CSU that existed prior to January 1, 2013 or has been included in subsequent agreements

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The position classification and salary are not required to be the same as prior to retirement. In circumstances where the job tasks have changed, Human Resources will determine the correct classification and appropriate pay rate. The retiree's rate of pay must be comparable to that paid to other employees performing similar duties in the assigned job classification. Please note: Retired annuitants are not eligible for holidays, sick leave, vacation or any employee leave or benefit program.

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Retired annuitants are restricted to working 960 hours within a fiscal year. If a retired annuitant works in excess of the permissible 960 hours within a fiscal year, the CalPERS retiree and the University are subject to penalties. Both the campus and the retired annuitant are responsible for tracking hours of employment.

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Retired annuitants are appointed on a temporary, hourly, intermittent (THI) basis.

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180-Day Wait Period - After retirement from any CalPERS employer, an individual is required to wait 180 days from their retirement date before returning to work as a retired annuitant.

No Pre-Determined Agreement with Employer - For members who retire before reaching normal retirement age (currently age 55), there can be no agreement (either verbal or written) prior to retirement to render service to any CalPERS-covered employer as a retired annuitant.

Bona Fide Separation in Service - A retired member who is under normal retirement age (currently age 55) must incur a minimum separation in service of 60 calendar days prior to returning to any CalPERS-covered employment without reinstatement. Note: The retired member must also satisfy the 180-day wait period described above.

Exclude from Hire - Campuses are to exclude from hire retirees who have collected unemployment insurance compensation for retired annuitant work with any public employer within the 12-months prior to the desired appointment.

If it is discovered that a retired annuitant has received unemployment insurance compensation for retired annuitant work with any public employer within the twelve (12) months prior to the date of the appointment, based on Government Code Section 7522.56, the retired annuitant's appointment must end.

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    • Submit a completed Request to Establish and Fill a Position with a Retired Annuitant. The hiring of a staff or MPP I or II retired annuitant requires Vice President/CIO approval. The hiring of an MPP III or IV retired annuitant requires President/Cabinet approval.

    • Please have the retiree submit an application to the Administrative Pool (Job ID 60191).

    • Employment Services will review the retiree's eligibility.

    • Employment Services will extend the offer of employment to the retiree.

    • On the retiree's first day of rehire, they will report to Human Resources to review and sign their appointment letter and complete the appropriate Payroll documents.

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