Temporary Appointment Extension

Dependent upon the terms outlined in the appropriate bargaining unit, a temporary appointment may be extended beyond its initial ending date.
    • Temporary appointments via recruitment
    • Temporary reassignments
    • Temporary emergency appointments
    • Retired annuitant appointments

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Temporary extensions that do not result in the employee being granted permanent status require the approval of the appropriate Vice President.

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    • Submit the request to extend a temporary employee to Employment Services. The request should include the employee's name, the desired length of the extension and approval from the appropriate Vice President.

    • Employment Services will verify that the appointment is eligible for extension.

    • Employment Services will generate the extension letter and will distribute to the employee.

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    1. Must provide employee with Notice of Reassignment (DOCX) (Memo from HEERA Manager to Employee) and updated Job Description (PDF) at least 14 days prior to effective date of reassignment. Both Supervisor and HEERA Manager should sign the last page of the job description. Employee will sign the original job description in Human Resources at the time they sign their appointment letter.

    2. Forward the completed Reassignment Request Form (PDF), Notice of Reassignment (DOCX), updated Job Description, and resumé (if reassignment is to a higher classification) to Manager, Employment and Compensation.

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    • An employee who receives a salary increase from a temporary reassignment is not eligible for an additional salary increase if the employee obtains the position through a recruitment.

    • If temporary reassignment is for a period of more than six months and the reassignment is from a non-exempt to an exempt position, the current Compensatory Time Off (CTO) balance must be paid out to the employee. This applies to CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7 & 9) classifications only.

    • If employee is reassigned from a bargaining unit position to a Management Personnel Plan (MPP) position, the vacation accrual rate will change to 16 hours per month.

    • When a reassignment results in a change in collective bargaining unit, the benefits are subject to change to those provided under the employee's new bargaining unit.

    • When a Unit 4 employee is reassigned to a higher classification, there is a 30-day waiting period prior to the new salary becoming effective.

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