Summer 4/10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a 4/10 Summer Work Schedule?

A 4/10 work schedule is where an employee works four (4) consecutive work days, Monday - Thursday, with Fridays off. The work day is ten (10) hours in length as opposed to the standard eight (8) hours to complete a 40 hour work week.

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2. When will the 4/10 work schedule begin and end?

The 4/10 summer work schedule will be observed from June 12, 2017 through August 25, 2017, except for two weeks (June 26, 2017 – June 30, 2017 and July 31, 2017 – August 4, 2017) when we will revert back to a 5 day/8 hour per day schedule due to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance. 

The standard campus work week of Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. will resume again on Monday, August 28, 2017.


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3. What is expected of us during the 4/10 Summer Work Schedule?

During the 4/10 Summer Work Schedule, it is expected that all campus offices and associated personnel will be open for business and operations Monday through Thursday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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4. Why has Cal Poly Pomona instituted a 4/10 work schedule for the summer?

A 4/10 work schedule allows the university to reduce energy costs and to reduce our carbon footprint with energy, utility, and environmental savings. The 4/10 schedule will also provide faculty and staff with the opportunity to reduce their commute costs during the summer months.

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5. Will there be any campus operations open on Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Yes. During the 4/10 Summer Work Schedule, only those work units requiring 24 hour coverage or extended service hours/days, or who have been identified as having operational need (as approved by their Vice President/President) to do so will continue to operate on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.

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6. What if personal circumstances makes it difficult for me to work a 4/10 schedule?

Talk to your manager and let them know as early as possible the reason(s) that working a 4/10 work schedule may be a problem or difficult during the 4/10 work schedule, whether in part or for the entire summer.  Your circumstances may warrant consideration for an alternate work schedule or meet the criteria for a Hardship Exception.  Note that personal preference or inconvenience alone is not considered sufficient reason to grant an exemption/hardship request.

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7. Will this schedule affect everyone?

The 4/10 Summer Work Schedule will affect almost all employees of Cal Poly Pomona.  In most cases, employees will be on the 4/10 work schedule.  As previously indicated, the university has identified several operational exceptions where employees/units may be excluded, with Vice President/President approval.

Individual exception/alternate work schedule requests for compelling reasons (not just personal preference or inconvenience) may be submitted for consideration.  Employees may also submit "Hardship Exemption" requests for review on a case-by-case basis.

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8. Do I earn vacation/sick leave credits differently during the 4/10 Work Schedule?

No.  All leave credits will continue to be earned at the same rate, per your bargaining agreement, therefore, no change in accruals.

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9. How does my leave credit usage differ if I am absent during the 4/10 period?

Your leave credit usage should be reported the same as if it occurred in an 8-hour work day, except that you will use 10 hours to cover a full day's absence instead of 8 hours--see examples below:

  • Sick Leave:  If a full-time employee is absent due to illness for an entire 4/10 work day, 10 hours of accrued sick leave will be charged.  If teh employee does not have sufficient accrued sick leave credits, at the department's discretion other available leave credits (such as vacation), may be approved for use.  If approval is not granted and other leave credits are not available, the employee's pay may be docked.*

  • Vacation Leave:  If a full-time employee requrests a full vacation day on a 4/10 work day, 10 hours of accrued vacation leave will be charged.  If the employee does not have sufficient accrued vacation credit, other leave credits (with the exception of sick leave) may be approved for use.  If other leave credits are not available or approved, the employee's pay may be docked.*

  • Personal Holiday:  If used, the Personal Holiday is charged according to the employee's 4/10 work day and can only be used in a full day increment.

*EXEMPT employees use leave credits in full day increments. 

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10. Can I take my 15 minute breaks at the end of the day to leave early?

No.  Rest breaks must to the extent possible be in the middle of each work period.  For example, a full-time non-exempt employee would take a 15 minute break approximately in the middle of first half of the work day and another 15 minute break approximately in the middle of the second half of the work day.  This is in compliance with your collective bargaining agreement, CSU policy and applicable labor laws. You cannot accumulate rest breaks nor move them to the end of your shift.

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11. Can I skip my one hour lunch in order to leave at 5 pm every day?

No.  In compliance with state law, non-exempt employees must be provided an unpaid meal period of not less than thirty (30) minutes in duration for every five (5) hours worked. The campus practice is to observe a standard sixty (60) minute lunch hour.  If a non-exempt employee wants to leave early for the day, a manager may approve their request to use leave credits for the absence, and the employee would still take their meal period to comply with their collective bargaining agreement, University policy, and state law.  The meal period cannot be saved for later in the shift or taken another day.  

However, the University expects all campus offices and associated personnel to maintain normal operations and be open for business from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  Ultimately, if an employee leaves early every day it will impact the department, campus operations and coverage. 

Managers may approve Alternate Work Schedule requests for compelling reasons with minimal operational impact.  Additionally, the University will consider all requests for Hardship Exemptions submitted by employees who state they are unable to work the 4/10 Summer Work Schedule due to health, family or other compelling reasons.

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12. Is being in a carpool/vanpool considered a "hardship" for the 4/10?

No.  While ridesharing helps the campus with our climate commitment, participation in a carpool or vanpool is not, by definition, a "hardship."  Participation in a carpool or vanpool is voluntary.  Visit the Faculty/Staff Rideshare website for commute options and details on the benefits of participating.

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