Mission, Vision, Core Values & Goals

Mission Statement

Human Resource Services provides quality services, resources, and programs through partnerships and innovative solutions.


Our vision is to be a valued resource and strategic partner, through continuous assessment, improvement, and use of technology.

Core Values

  • Customer Service--Provide timely, professional, courteous, quality services with integrity, accountability, and flexibility
  • Communication-Promote a collaborative and consultative environment that includes listening and learning, individually and as a team
  • Knowledge-Maintain a high level of current subject matter expertise
  • Being Green-Promote practices that support environmental and resource stewardship in all HRS operations


  • Partner strategically with the campus community in support of the university's mission
  • Attract, develop, and retain a qualified, diverse workforce
  • Leverage the use of technology to communicate and administer HRS programs
  • Protect the university's physical and human assets and ensure business continuity
  • Ensure continuous quality improvement, emphasizing communication, feedback, customer service, and employee participation