Social Security Card

As part of the new hire sign up process, you will need to provide an original, non-laminated Social Security Card. This requirement is for verification of name and Social Security Number, and accurate payroll reporting under the Code of Federal Regulations and the US Code, the US Dept. of Labor and the IRS.

If you do not have an original Social Security Card, you may request one from the Social Security Administration. Until you receive your original card, you may present to us a receipt and/or verification of your Social Security Number from Social Security. The receipt/verification must contain your name, Social Security Number, and a stamp from the Social Security Administration Office.

For your convenience, following is the link to the Social Security Administration's webpage regarding Documents You Need for a Social Security Card.

Since you'll need your receipt/verification right away, in order to complete the new employee sign up process, we've listed the local Social Security Administration Offices below:

2191 Sampson Avenue, Suite 105 (off McKinley)
10668 Sierra Avenue (south of I-10, between Slover and Santa Ana)
1165 East Route 66 (between Compromise Line Road and Loraine Avenue)
1533 East Holt (near Vineyard)
960 W. Mission Blvd. (near Pomona Police Department)
West Covina
437 North Azusa Avenue (West Covina Village Shopping Center)

For office hours and directions, including a map, visit the Social Security Administration's website and click on the office locator link in the left navigation pane.