Nathan Tung is awarded an Out-Laws of Physics Scholarship

Senior physics major Nathan Tung was awarded the third Out-Laws of Physics Scholarship.
The $1000 award was presented to Nathan at the Cal Poly Physics Department Awards Luncheon,
March 6, 2008. The Physics Department has identified Nathan as a student who shows exceptional
promise as a future research physicist and/or physics teacher. The Out-Laws of Physics and the
entire Cal Poly Pomona Physics Department congratulate Nathan and extend their best wishes for a
productive and satisfying career and future life.

In the photo below, Ricardo Alcedo, President of the Bright Glow Candle Co., who made this
scholarship possible, is handing the certificate to Nathan. From left to right: Mrs. Alcedo,
Jolene "Throte" Houser, Nathan Tung, John "Slo" Mallinckrodt, Ricardo Alcedo,
John "Phingerz" Jewett, and Harvey "Styx" Leff.

Nathan Tung receiving Out-Laws of Physics Scholarship Award. Ricardo Alcedo, who made this scholarship possible is handing the certificate to Nathan.
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