Harvey Leff was elected to the AAPT Presidential Chain

In January 2005, the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)  announced its newly elected Executive Board officers for 2005. Harvey Leff, was elected vice-president for 2005, and will serve as president-elect in 2006, president in 2007, and past-president in 2008.

AAPT was established in 1930 with the fundamental goal of ensuring the "dissemination of knowledge of physics, particularly by way of teaching." The Association currently has over 10,000 members in 30 countries around the world.

Annual Meetings in January and August give members the opportunity to network, discuss innovations in teaching methods and share the results of research about teaching and learning. In addition to these meetings, smaller workshops and conferences throughout the year provide further opportunities for professional development.

The Association also publishes two major peer-reviewed journals, the American Journal of Physics and The Physics Teacher. These journals provide a medium for sharing methods and research about teaching physics at introductory and advanced levels.

AAPT also participates in or sponsors many projects related to improving the teaching of physics. The Association offers awardsand grants for educators, and sponsors or participates in many contests and competitions for physics students.