The Out-Laws of Physics

This lively five-person band was formed in November 2003 by members of the Physics Department at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The personnel are:

Jolene "Throte" Houser, Vocals and rhythm guitar
John "Slo" Mallinckrodt, Lead guitar
John"Phingerz" Jewett, Keyboard
Harvey "Styx" Leff, Drums
John "Leaux" Hadden, Bass guitar

After working together more than 15 years in the Cal Poly Pomona Physics Department, four Out-Laws (Throte, Slo, Phingerz, Styx) formed this high-energy band. The Out-Laws of Physics genre is vintage country music, with some rock and roll, blues, and a little swing thrown in.

Their first performance in December 2003 met with great enthusiasm and acclaim, and The Out-Laws were inspired to work hard, fine-tuning their songs and expanding their repertoire, which now consists of about 100 songs.

In 2006, the Out-Laws were fortunate to have Harvey Mudd College Physics alum John Hadden join the band. His solid bass playing provides a great 'low end' to the band's sound, and he was quickly dubbed "Leaux."

The Out-Laws of Physics performs on a regular basis. Booking information can be found HERE.

Photos and/or individual web pages can be found at:

Jolene "Throte" Houser

John "Slo" Mallinckrodt

John "Phingerz" Jewett

Harvey "Styx" Leff

John "Leaux" Hadden

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