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IT is working on several major initiatives with the campus community. Here are some highlights of those efforts:

Document Management - working with Administrative Affairs, University Advancement and the College Of Education and Integrative Studies, we just recently replaced our old Document Management system with a new system in April of 2013. We continue to expand the migration to and use of the system by other Divisions on campus and will embark on a new effort to automate workflow in 2014.

Web Redesign: Phase 2a and 2b, 3 - After the successful launch of the Redesigned Web pages (Phase 1) in April 2013 that focused on Student services, we are shifting our focus to Academics. Phase 2a will focus on the migration of Academic Divisions and Departments; including central Academic Affairs and three Colleges as well as the Library. The three Colleges included in Phase 2a will be the College of Business, College of Education and Integrative Studies and the Collins College. The goal is to complete the migration of all academics in Phase 2. 

Telephone (VOIP) - The Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) project involves the full replacement of the campus' existing Avaya telephone system that was originally purchased in 1986. This system is designed to achieve five functional requirements for the campus. They include: location awareness of callers on campus, establishment of public address system, enhancement of telephone services for faculty and classrooms, reduction of telephone maintenance costs, and consolidation of voice and data on to one cable infrastructure. Included in this project is the restructuring of campus telephone services from Verizon. Through restructuring and updated pricing, IT will achieve sizeable cost savings from these changes will significantly offset the costs of the VOP project.”

More Project Information ...( IT Projects).

This page was last updated on August 25, 2014.

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