3D Printing at the iLab

Would you like to hold a physical copy of your designs? We know you want to! The iLab provides free 3D printing for students. Come to the iLab during the 3D printing office hours or send in a print request form below.

Come to the iLab for

3D Print Training
Design tips for 3D Printing
CAD Help
Printing Your Own Creations

3D Printing Hours

Tucker Dunbar
Wednesday 12:30 to 1:45
Julia Valenti
Monday 12-2pm
Wednesday 8-11am
Curtis Garrett
Thursday 8-12pm

Our Printers

Monoprice Select Mini v2
Ultimaker extended 2+
Build Volume: 120x120x120mm
Max Resolution: 100microns (.1mm layer height)
Compatible Materials: PLA & ABS
Build Volume 223x223x305mm
Max Resolution: 20microns (.02mm layer height)
Compatible Materials: most materials with some difficulty for flexible material due to bowden tube
Printrbot Plus
XYZ pro
Build Volume 254x254x254mm
Max Resolution is 50 microns (.05 layer height)
Compatible Materials: All materials that print sub 280C
Build Volume 200x200x200
Max Resolution is 100 microns (.1mm layer height)
Compatible Materials: PLA & ABS