Bronco Startup Challenge Finalists 2016

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Hosted by the Student Innovation Idea Lab (CPP-iLab), Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Business Administration, and student clubs Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization and Poly Founders, the Bronco Startup Challenge brought together a year's worth of work for students startup teams. The event, spanning a whole three months, culminated with the closing ceremony on  May 12th, 2016, where more than 200 spectators filled Ursa Major to hear the final 2-minute pitches from the startups.


Winner: Sound Catcher – Jesse Smith, Theresa Bastian, Moritz Beauther, Omar Lopez

Future rock stars refining their craft in tight, messy confines can take the first step in organizing their music and lives with Sound Catcher, a small attachment that goes at the base of a guitar to clean up wires. The clutter-reducer is not only economical to produce, but the expected price point is low enough to make it attractive to most entry-level guitarists or people first taking up the hobby.

Second Place: 7th Planet Cases – Alexa Robinson, Charena Hengsathorn, Donnie Thompson, Ernesto Pardo, Jennifer Nunez, Michael Garcia, Michael Zampiglia, Ryan McKee, Annie Chuong

One minute it’s protecting a valuable laptop, and the next it’s preserving other important assets. Meet 7th Planet Cases, a durable laptop case that converts into a comfortable seat cushion when the computer is in use. Style is not left by the wayside with 7th Planet embroidering its cases with a unique logo – for the Bronco Startup Challenge it was the university’s mascot. The team also received the Wen Chang Award for Most Scalable.

Third Place: B2C – Terrell Bolden, Armando Cordero

Compact transportation is taken to new levels with B2C, a foldable electric-powered scooter with a footprint small enough to fit in a backpack when it’s collapsed. B2C uses miniature drone motors to move the two-wheeled contraption crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum at cruising speeds well above 5 mph. The team’s business plan says the scooters can be produced for less than $300, meaning the retail price would likely make it an affordable transportation option to many commuters.

Wen Chang Award for Most Scalable: 7th Planet Cases – Alexa Robinson, Charena Hengsathorn, Donnie Thompson, Ernesto Pardo, Jennifer Nunez, Michael Garcia, Michael Zampiglia, Ryan McKee, Annie Chuong

Crowd Favorite: Lono Drop

Recent droughts have brought attention to a global water crisis that has been brewing for decades. Lono Drop addresses one of water-wasting’s main culprits—excessively long showers—by lighting up in different colors based on shower length. Each color change indicates the next step in showering until it eventually lights up red, signaling it is time to turn the water off.

Contest Finalists:

Fayble –  Fayble is looking to revolutionize online furniture shopping with customizable pieces that can be shipped to doorsteps at never-before-seen prices.

Customers can design items based off personal needs and taste using tools on Fayble’s website, creating a convenient shopping experience unmatched by traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

The Dream Factory – Art connoisseurs looking to connect with and commission upcoming artists for pieces can log on to The Dream Factory to find a potential match. The online marketplace allows buyers to describe anything they can imagine along with the price he or she is willing to pay. Artists can then choose the most inspirational projects and create a partnership.

SwitchZ – Social media and premier parking spots come together with SwitchZ, an application that pairs people leaving a location with those arriving so the two can trade parking spots. Designated pickup areas bring in the social aspect as users can receive a ride to his or her car from the person taking over the spot.

TakeNote Global – Making annotations in a text book helps some college students study, but it also hurts the resale value when it comes time to sell the books back. TakeNote tackles the issue with page inserts that allow students to jot down notes without permanent damage to the paper.

JPInno Tech – Restaurant customers waiting for a table will be able to browse a menu, order food beforehand and be notified when it’s time to be seated all from the same device if JPInno Tech has its way. The team pitched the all-in-one customer service machine that has the potential to provide restaurant owners with additional sources of income through placed advertisements on the device.

Goal Striver – Smart watch owners know how motivating it can be to beat the previous day’s step count. If it works in fitness, Goal Striver expects to have the same result in personal achievement as the app tracks current goals while pushing the user to set more goals to accomplish as each is checked off.