Bronco Startup Challenge Finalists 2017

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Hosted by the Student Innovation Idea Lab (CPP-iLab), Poly Founders, Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO), and the College of Business Administration, the Bronco Startup Challenge is the culminating effort of student entrepreneur's work at Cal Poly Pomona. The event was held in Ursa Major on the 18th of May, 2017, and finalists presented a final 2-minute pitch of their innovative product or service to a panel of judges.

This year, the iLab hosted it's inaugural iStartup Academy through the spring quarter. The program emphasizes the various elements that contribute to an amazing pitch. The seven-week, non-credit course taught participants about many of the aspects of entrepreneurship and taking an idea all the way to a viable solution.


Bronco Startup Challenge Awardees:

First Place ($10,000 prize) – BioScope, a combination of a microscope and mobile application that is as powerful as a lab microscope, affordable and portable.

Second Place ($3,000 prize) – HoloNext, a web-based platform that allows access to personalized photos and 360-degree videos with a simple click.

Third Place ($1,500 prize) – StraightUp, a health management device that provides the user with accurate data tracking, live feedback and 3D visuals of the spine’s curvature.

Wen Chang Award for Most Scalable ($1,000 prize)UFO (Unidentified Fidgeting Object), a stress relief and focus aid that’s customizable to the user’s fidgeting needs.

Crowd Favorite ($500 prize)MaxRep, a fitness tracking device that attaches directly to the weights at the gym and records workout information.

Other Finalists:

SACS – a service that allows college students to turn their textbooks into a business by renting out their previously purchased textbooks every quarter to future students.

Plastic Crafted – eyewear made out of non-virgin plastic to clean up the ocean and the streets.

Work Foundry – helps businesses and individuals improve relationships and communication skills in the workplace through an interactive training website and mobile application.

Mobile Mechanics – a mobile application platform that connects the customer and the mechanics where customers can request auto repair services at their location with price fairness, quality and time convenience.

Fantom – In collaboration with NASA engineers, innovated the structure of a fan based upon an existing NASA wing technology.