2016 Summer Boot Camp Companies


7th Planet Cases

7th Planet Cases provides a quick solution to the lack of comfort and support from hard or uncomfortable surfaces, while also providing laptops with extra surface protection. This is achieved by having a dual purpose case, constructed with high-density foam and water resistant outer material.



The last mile problem is experienced by individuals who use urban transit, bus, or car to travel to their primary destination, but must still walk that last mile before reaching their final destination. B2C works to solve this problem by creating an electric scooter that will allow users to travel the last mile. By designing the product in a compact way, the scooter can easily be transported when not in use.



Fayble makes it easy to buy affordable furniture by streamlining the furniture discovery process. Their flagship eCommerce service lets you pick a piece of furniture, then customize it to fit your needs using our simple editor. Your order is shipped to you in just a few days. Assembly is simple, with Fayble’s easy-slide connectors and straightforward instructions.

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Goal Striver

Most people struggle to achieve their biggest goals – those that are considered “impossible”.Goal Striver is a priority based to-do list application with a metrics system to help motivate users to keep doing better every day. Goal Striver is designed to help users plan out their day and better prioritizing tasks as well as providing numbers to show them the results of their labor from the metrics system.

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JPInnotech is a startup working to improve current tech within the hospitality industry. Their first device, coined the NuPager, is a new take on the pager and menu system that many restaurants use to allow patrons to reserve and seat and order. The NuPager provides restaurants with an extra source of revenue while enhancing the customer experience.



There are close to 20 million electric guitar players in the US. Soundsmith is playing their first product, the Soundcatcher to these musicians. The Soundcatcher can completely transform a young musician’s playing experience by essentially giving their guitar built-in effects, saving space and saving money on extra chords that go bad over time. Rock on!