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Boating at sunset in Beijing's Hou Hai Lake Buddhist monk-in-training, Wutaishan Mountain Funeral procession, ancient walled city of Pingyao Princess Linda and Priness Eva Local delicacacies, Beijing night market Shanghai at night Amphitheater Ancient Remains Street Artist Artist Beauty, China Beauty Beauty is Reality Bridge British Museum Brush in Time Buddhist Temple Praying at the Buddhist Temple Calligraphy China Summer Program China Summer Program China Summer Program China Summer Program Famous Coffee Prince Cafe Coliseum Inside Coliseum Coliseum Cooking Class at Dankook University Dongdaemun Last Day at Dankook University Desperation Dankook University Entrance Letters at DMZ Eastsea, South Korea Eiffel Tower at Night Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower Entrance El Puente South Korea Summer Program Fallkirk Scotland Famous Pose Italy Flag Ghana Flag Floral Kabob Folk Village, South Korea Forbidden City Freetime in Seoul Gargoyle I am the Gelato Queen Gondola Bay Great Wall of China Jumping at Great Wall of China Greece Summer Program Greece Summer Program Greece Summer Program Guardian Guards of Buckingham Palace Freetime in Seoul Freetime in Seoul Hiking Howth Ireland Incheon Experiencing the Invisible Bridge Experiencing the Invisible Bridge Italy Dankook University Study Abroad Students Jumping Kaleidoscope Flying a Kite Korea Korea Korea Abandoned Korean Mask Chillin with the Korean Students La Pontificia La Pontificia La Pontificia Le Mont St. Michel Dressing Up London London Eye London Eye Lotte World Lotus mainentranceDKU Foolin' Around National Gallery Shanghai at Night Notre Dame Oasis of Serenity Olympian Arcs Beautiful Ornate Standing Tall with the Eiffel Tower Paris Paris at Night Parliament Night Party Pat Bing Soo Peloponnese Hug a Pisa Place St. Michel Playing the Harp Beautiful Rainbow Illuminate Your Night The Real Prime Meridian Phone Booth in London London at Night Great Wall Experience Religious Jewel city Dining Out in Italy River Cruise Royalty Salamanca, Spain Salamanca, Spain Salamanca, Spain Screaming Statue Sculpture Sculpture Secured Perimeter Segovia, Spain Shadows of History Shao Lun Bao Snowy Scotland St. Andrews, Scotland Experiencing the Invisible Bridge Sterling Scotland Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden The Temple is Straight Ahead The Street of Love Students Students Students Summer Palace Summer Palace Bridge Suspended Temple Tae Guk Gi Tea The Path Touring Around Tower Bridge, England Train Station Beauty of Nature Bike Riding Costal Beauty Children in Ghana Handmade Work in Ghana Drumming Vatican City Venice, Italy View from the Eiffel Tower Ornate Church Vineyard Walk Park Waterfall Decorating Masks Zen Budhism Shapes of Green As Two A Seperated City Bliss Music Shop Suzho Making Tea Flee Market Botanical Gardens Suzho Climbing the Huang Mountain The Water Cube Authentic Chinese Chicken Good Luck Locks (Huang Chan Mountain) The Gates to Heaven My Second Home Away from Home Roma Beautiful Blue Waters Monterossa Village Monterossa Village Roma Roma Mt. St. Michel Steps Japanese Garden St. Malo In Front of the Marine Museum Leonardo Da Vinci Royal Pavillion American Memorial at Normandy Vauz-Le-Vicomte Paris at Night London at Night Big Ben and Eating Ice Cream Crosses Beach at Normandy River Thames and the Big Ben All Saint's Cathedral Gothic Church Parliament Hill Overlooking London Gate to the Palace Catching the Rays Cantebury Cathedral London Apartment Eiffel Tower Leeds Castle Maze Old Louvre and the Modern Pyramid Tower Bridge A Romantic Gondola Ride through the Canals Bikes for Public Transportation Caryatids of the Acropolis Traditional White Washed Buildings with Blue Roof Small Isle off the Coast of Santorini Statue Statue Statue Statue Windmills on the Slope of Oia Looking Down upon the City of Oia Statue Building Class Class Dessert Statue Statue Class Childhood Market I Got Your Back Natural Beauty Strong Roots Miracles Free to Be Part of Society Brotherhood We Move to the Beat of the Drums Genuine Joy Purity