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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


Taipei, Taiwan

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, also known as Taiwan Tech, has seven academic colleges and, like Cal Poly Pomona, is a well-regarded engineering school. The Times Higher Education ranks Taiwan Tech 81st among the world’s top 100 universities in the field of social sciences. It is the first institution ever from Taiwan to make the top 100 in that field. Taiwan Tech has a current enrollment includes 5,253 undergraduates and 4,628 graduate students with 533 full-time faculty.

Areas of Study:

  • Architecture

Academic Information

Courses taught by local faculty. Students have fewer contact hours with professors than they would have in the US. Students are expected to do extensive research and reading outside of class.

Course Catalog

University Website

Language(s) of Instruction



  • Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Requires a 2.75 GPA, good academic standing.
  • Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing at the time of departure.

Open to

Students who are majoring in Architecture.

Program Cost

Students pay regular Cal Poly Pomona tuition. Students are responsible for all additional travel and living costs. Financial-Aid is transferrable.

See Cost Breakdown

Program Dates

Fall: September to January

            Final Deadline to Apply: March 1

Spring: February to June

            Final Deadline to Apply: October 1


It is the student’s responsibility to secure housing independently. Students may search upon arrival while temporarily staying in hostel/hotel accommodations. NTUST suggests browsing these websites to find local housing:

  1. Rental Taiwan
  2. Sublet Taipei City
  3. Taiwan House Rental
  4. Tea Lit

Additional Resources

Next Step

Students may view the application process for exchange programs and download the required forms to submit with their application. All application documents are to be turned in to the International Center, not the host university.

Application Deadlines:
March 01 for Fall, October 1 for Spring

Contact Kraig Walkup by phone at (909) 869-2697 or for additional information.