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FOR FACULTY ONLY - Application Process for Faculty-Led Programs

Complete the Application for Short-Term Study Abroad Program.  The application must accompany a course syllabi, preliminary budget, and approval signatures from your Department Head, Dean, Office of Academic Programs and the Provost.

After your program has been approved, the International Center Study Abroad Office will assist you with  your program.  Proposed programs should not be advertised via flyers or websites until prior approval of the program is completed.

Please Note: Adhere to application deadlines and dates of your proposed program to allow for reasonably priced airline tickets, visas – if required, advertising, and various other preparations so that deadlines can be met in a reasonable amount of time and to ensure your program is successful.

• For new programs, the deadline to submit an application is 1 year prior to departure
• For pre-existing programs, the deadline to submit an application is 9 months prior to departure


Faculty-Led Scholarships for Faculty:

$20,000 Generation Study Abroad Access Grant (offered through CIEE)