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Panama Study Abroad, Summer





The course provides first-hand experience of the major health and nutritional problems that can influence the health, survival, and developmental capacity of populations in a developing society. At the same time analyzing and evaluating the interrelationship of food availability, socio-economic status, politics, religion, and culture.  

Area(s) of Study

All students take: FN 499| Special Topics: International/Global Nutrition (4 Units)
Course Description: The course provides an overview of health beliefs and practices of individuals from developing countries. It also allows comparison between cultures and the ability to create effective culturally appropriate approaches to meet their health and nutritional needs.

Language(s) of Instruction



A minimum cumulative CPP GPA of 2.5


Students will be lodging in a hotel

Open To

All Majors (preference given to Agriculture, Nutrition, Food Science and Spanish majors)
Seniors, Graduate Students, and graduating Seniors welcome.

Program Cost

The program cost is $3,400* (approx) and includes the following:

  • Flight
  • Lodging
  • Ground Transportation
  • Student Travel Insurance
  • Tuition

Students pay $200 non-refundable application fee and regular Cal Poly Pomona tuition for summer abroad. Students are responsible for obtaining a passport. Financial aid and scholarships may be used.

Additional Costs:

$300 recommended for meals, excursions and personal spending money for the duration of the program

Program Dates

Spring Break 2018

Site Visits

  • TBD

Application Deadline: January 15


Contact Dr. Aleida Gordon for additional information.