Application Process for Short-Term Programs

Applications Process

Every programs are different. Please consult with the study abroad coordinator for additional forms. Generally, the following forms are needed to study abroad during the summer or quarter.

  1. Turn in the Application PDF along with $200 deposit (deposit money at the cashier's office, we will provide you a deposit slip)
  2. Turn in the following forms to complete your application:
    1. Offical Transcript
    2. Copy of Passport
    3. Two Passport Sized Photos (2x2)
    4. Independent Return Travel PDF
    5. Illegal Drug Use Policy PDF
    6. Conduct of Behavior Form PDF
    7. Trip Release FormPDF
    8. Release of Liability Form PDF
    9. Health Status Report Form PDF
  3. Go to the CPP Health Center or to your private doctor for checkup. You will need to use the Certificate of Health and Medical Examination Form.
  4. Purchase a mandatory health insurance.
  5. Complete scheduled payments. If you are receiving financial aid, please go to the financial aid department for more information.
  6. Enjoy your trip!

Consortium Agreement


We use Renaissance Agencies, Inc. for most of our short-term study abroad programs.  They specializes in the development, placement, and administrative support of student health insurance programs. 

Apply Online:
Insurance Brochure PDF

General Forms

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