Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology Working Group is charged with reviewing and improving the use of instructional technologies for the use in classrooms and computing laboratories. Participants include faculty, staff, students and campus technical representatives. 

This working group provides recommendations to the VP/CIO for Information Technology on improving the use of instructional technologies for use in classrooms and computing.

This working group also makes recommendations to the VP/CIO for Information Technology for technology spending for classrooms and computing laboratories associated with the Student Success Fee.

Academic Affairs, ASI, Faculty, and Information Technology are represented.

Committee Members

  • Co-Chairs
    • Lucas Lanting, Information Technology
    • Sepehr Eskandari, Academic Affairs
  • ASI
    • Shane Bonanno
    • Open (Student)
    • Open (Student)
    • Open (Student)
  • Faculty
    • Muditha Senanayake
    • Olive Yao Li
    • Yan Liu
    • Melissa Flicker
  •  Information Technology
    • Ben Quillian

Updated: October 17, 2018