Thirty Years at Cal Poly Pomona

Closeup of 30 year service pinWhen Dr. Clark joined the Biological Sciences faculty in 1980, he requested a desktop computer. The Computer Center denied his request: "Those desktop computers will never catch on."

Dr. Clark embraced the "learn by doing" philosophy, and ultimately taught 28 different courses, conveying hands-on training through labs and projects. He supervised ten graduate students and mentored many more.

Dr. Clark is considered a world expert on the California poppy. He named a new species and a new subspecies of desert shrubs. He authored 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 54 other publications. He was principle investigator or co-investigator on more than two dozen grants, totaling more than $200,000.

Dr. Clark helped developed the original concept of BioTrek. He suggested the name, and the idea that the exterior garden should focus on Tongva ethnobotany. He created the BioTrek web site.

Since joining I&IT temporarily in 2003 and as Director of Web Development in 2005, he played key roles in two redesigns of the campus home page, brought accessibility and consistent design to the CPP web, spearheaded the full computerization of the campus telephone book, provided online balloting to the Academic Senate.

And, yes, desktop computers finally caught on.


Mike Ortiz presenting Curtis Clark with 30 year service award