Angiosperm Phylogeny: Quizzes

Each quiz will be administered on Blackboard. It will be available for six days, beginning at midnight on Friday and ending at 11:59 p.m. on the following Wednesday (the week after Thanksgiving, the quiz will run from Wednesday through Monday). Quiz questions will ordinarily be multiple choice, but any question type supported by Blackboard may be used. The point values of the quizzes may differ, but they all have the same weight in calculating the cumulative quiz grade.

Here is the quiz schedule:

Week Begins at midnight Ends at 11:59 pm
1 Fri 2016-09-23 Wed 2016-09-28
2 Fri 2016-09-30 Wed 2016-10-05
3 Fri 2016-10-07 Wed 2016-10-12
4 Fri 2016-10-14 Wed 2016-10-19
5 Fri 2016-10-21 Wed 2016-10-26
6 Fri 2016-10-28 Wed 2016-11-02
7 Fri 2016-11-04 Wed 2016-11-09
8 Fri 2016-11-11 Wed 2016-11-16
9 Fri 2016-11-18 Wed 2016-11-23
10 Wed 2016-11-30 Mon 2016-12-05

For each quiz, you will have two attempts. For technical reasons, each attempt is limited to 180 minutes. There is a handout for BIO 123 students that discusses ways to optimize your taking of a quiz; although some of the terminology and the days are different, the basic ideas should be useful to you.

The first quiz will cover general concepts about phylogenetic systematics and the biology of flowering plants. The rest of the quizzes will cover material from the previous week's lectures and readings, although there may be questions that connect to concepts covered in earlier weeks.

Every quiz is "open book", meaning you may use any written resource that was created prior to the beginning of the quiz. This rules out discussions with your classmates or other people, prepearation or use of study guides using the actual questions on the exam, or anything else that constitutes the offering or accepting of answers. Obviously I have no clean way to enforce this, but if I suspect that answers are being exchanged, I reserve the right to either:

  • administer any or all subsequent quizzes in class, closed book, with the same questions that I would have used on the Blackboard quiz, or
  • have questions selected randomly from a larger bank, so that you each will get a different quiz—because the questions have no difficulty rating, some of you would get harder quizzes than others.

If I choose the latter solution, it will happen without notice.

Finding your quiz results in Blackboard is not intuitive, but the link should help.