These web pages are validating, Sect. 508-compliant XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS, based on the 2011 Cal Poly Pomona templates developed by I&IT Web Development (which in this case meant me).

Although the templates are designed for Adobe Dreamweaver, I lost access to that program when I left Web Development, and so these pages were developed in Notepad++. I prefer to work directly with HTML and CSS when laying out pages, but Dreamweaver is wonderful for file synchronization, data tables, and simple text updates (among other things); fortunately, I now have a copy. Prior to that, I was able to get access to Adobe Contribute (back in the early days of the Accessible Technology Initiative, we bought 500 licenses to give to people who had taken the workshop that I taught), which makes updates a lot easier.

All photographs on the site, with the exception of most on the photos page, are my work.

The body font is Calibri, which is very readable, but small for its nominal size. The Cal Poly Pomona logotype is based on Centaur Bold.

What's a colophon? Check out the Wikipedia article.