Encelia and its relatives

This phylogeny is based on phenotypic features, and is tentative. Initial results from the intercistronic transcribed spacer of nrDNA (ITS) strongly support the basal branching scheme.

Supporting features are listed below.

  1. The genus Encelia. Cypsela with constricted apical notch.
  2. "Frutescens clade". No resin ducts, no benzopyrans or benzofurans.
  3. Erect fruiting heads.
  4. Multicellular-based broad trichomes.
  5. "Californica clade". Unique benzopyran-benzofuran dimer, UV reflecting rays.
  6. Brown disk corollas, moniliform hairs.
  7. Brown stigmas.
  8. Paniculate capitulescence, curly unicellular-based hairs.

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