License Agreement

The images on these Web pages are copyrighted by Curtis Clark, and are subject to this liberal, fairly explicit, and somewhat lengthy license agreement, which you accept by using the images.


Although I have taken care to see that they work, the images are not warranted to work on your system (or even on mine). You use them at your own risk.

Personal Use

The images are free for personal and educational use:
  1. You may use them on any machine that you own or control.
  2. You may alter or modify them, or translate them into any other format (please note that you may not distribute a modified or translated image--see below).
  3. You may print the images on paper or any other hardcopy, use them in another computer application, or in any other medium, as long as the hardcopy or computer software are neither sold nor published.
  4. You may use the images in published educational material that is distributed not-for-profit, provided that you send me one copy of each work in which an image is used.
  5. All other use is regarded as commercial use.

Commercial Use

The images may be used to produce published printed material (whether it is sold or not), or printed material that is sold or done for hire (even if it is not published) upon advance payment of a US$100 one-time nonexclusive use fee that entitles you to use the image in a single publication. Original photographs and higher resolution digital images are available for this use.

The images may not be included in commercial software without my explicit written permission and payment of a negotiated fee.


The electronic image files may not be distributed, in any manner, format, or fashion, including posting on web pages, sending by email, or distributing on physical media, without written permission secured in advance. Liquidated damages are US$500 per image file per point of distribution.

For any uses not covered explicitly by this agreement, please contact me.

Curtis Clark
Biological Sciences
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Pomona CA 91768

This license agreement is placed in the public domain. If you like it, snarf it.

Here is the philosophy behind this license agreement.

Last revision Sunday, May 28, 2000.