1980 photo2007 photo

On the left is the photograph from my Cal Poly i.d. card, taken in September, 1980. On the right is the official photo taken when I became Director of I&IT Web Development in February, 2007. I'd like to blame the ensuing gray hairs on Cal Poly Pomona, but I think age had something to do with it, too.

Self-portrait on horseback

Headed up the power line access road through Thorpe and Angalls canyons above Alta Loma, with my trusty steed.
(Photo by VK, June 2014)

"The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse."

older photos

Clark and Bryant playing recorders

Steve Bryant (left) and I playing recorders at Stone Field Station of San Clemente Island (June 1996). We also play with Tapia's Gold. (Photo by Scott Eliason)

Clark and Porter

Here I am with Mark Porter (right) at the Research Station on San Clemente Island, California (June 1995). (Photo by Gery Allan)

At web workshop

During the summer of 1997, I taught "Introductory Web Course Development" with Susan Kullman Puz, as part of the Summer Web Institutes and Mentoring program. Susan took digital photos of many of the participants for their web pages; this is mine. (Photo by Susan Kullman)

At Renaissance Festival

At the Santa Barbara Renaissance Festival in September, 1997, I was the "announcer" for the Jouyssance Early Music Ensemble, as well as singing, dancing, playing recorder, tambourine, and hangman's noose. When I was a graduate student, we joked about avoiding overspecialization by becoming "Renaissance botanists". I think I've succeeded. (Photo by Nancy A. Charest)