The Genus Eschscholzia

California Poppies and Their Relatives

Important! Think twice before you spread California poppy seeds.
Vast fields of Golden Poppies have ever been one of the strong and peculiar features of California scenery. The gladsome beauty of this peerless flower has brought renown to the land of its birth. Present everywhere, at all times in some form, it is not surprising that it has taken firm hold of the affections of the people, and that the homage of the nature-loving world is so freely offered it.

--Emory E. Smith, The Golden Poppy, 1902

I first became acquainted with California poppies as a graduate student at the University of California, Davis, in 1975. I was looking for a dissertation problem in evolutionary systematics, and was amazed that no one was working with the state flower and its relatives. I began then, and have studied them ever since. These pages are intended to provide general information about the genus, an account of the research activities of myself and my colleagues, and links to other resources about the California poppy.

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