If your computer and browser are able to play midi files, you should be hearing a Volte by the German Renaissance composer Michael Praetorius. Below will be a control that may contain play, stop, pause, or other buttons, depending on how your browser handles embedded midi files.

Here is an example of HTML code that will work for Netscape since version 2, and for Internet Explorer since version 3:
<embed src="the_name_of_the_midi_file.mid"
align="baseline" border="0" controls="smallconsole"
autostart="true" loop="true">
This works for both midi and sound (.au, .aiff, .wav) files. The entire file must load before play begins, so avoid large wave files. You can play with the parameters; it won't break.

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© 1999, 2001 by Curtis Clark

Midi files courtesy of
The Internet Renaissance Band