Web Guru

I was formerly Director of I&IT Web Development, and Web Coordinator for Cal Poly Pomona. I was dismissed ("not retained") on October 14, 2011, returned to teaching, and have since retired.

Web applications developed under my leadership

(I updated links on 2017-06-11; some of these are now out of service, and others may follow.)

Old tutorials

I've been working with the Web and other "things internet" for a while. Here are some tutorials and presentations I wrote over the ages. More recent work is in eHelp, generally without byline. (The pages linked below are no longer maintained; if the links still work, I'll be surprised.)

I used to program

Real programmers (and real web designers) know that HTML and CSS are markup, not code. But back when I was a biologist, I used to program a lot. My favorite language was Pascal, but I've also programmed in Fortran, Basic, and Javascript, and played around with Z-80 asembly language, Prolog, C, PHP, and Perl. Here are a few examples of some of my major projects.