Molly McPup

Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science:
The POWERMUTT* Project
(for use with SPSS)

*Politically-Oriented Web-Enhanced Research Methods for Undergraduates — Topics & Tools
Resources for introductory research methods courses in political science and related disciplines



To sort cases,

To weight data by such a variable, click on “Data” (in the menu bar) and “Sort Cases….”  Select one or more variables in the left window and click on the right arrow.  Under ""Sort Order," select the radio button next to either "Ascending or Decending," and click on OK.”  Note: if you select more than one variable, SPSS will sort on the first variable and, then within each value of that variable, will sort on the second, and so on.  You might, for example, wish to sort countries by region and, within region, by population.


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