CSU Alcohol Education Presentations: '02, '03 & '04

Presentations, Information and Handouts

Jim Grizzell, MBA, MA, CHES
Study Well Health Program Continuum
Evaluation Solutions
Graduated Program Evaluation
Logic Model and Evaluation Planning Guidelines
Health Message Evaluation Form
Classroom Presentation Evaluation Form
Sexual Assault Prevention
Health Links
CSU Alcohol Policies and Prevention Programs Committee Final Report
BACCHUS GAMMA Peer Education Network
Cal Poly Pomona's BACCHUS GAMMA Peer Health Education Network
Web Resources based on the Healthy People 2010 Leading Health Indicators
Healthy People 2010 National Health Goals and Objectives

Individual Focus Strategies (4/04)

Setting Measurable Objectives using Healthy Campus 2010 and Program Evaluation using the Logic Model (4/03)

Introducing Healthy Campus 2010: The Alcohol Objectives (4/02)

Alcohol Use Assessments at Cal Poly Pomona (4/02)