Project Updates

The Predevelopment/Feasibility Study of the Lanterman Property

 The Lanterman Development Center (LDC) served as a residential healthcare facility for the developmentally disabled until it closed in 2015.  The site is over 300 acres with more than 130 buildings and support structures. The State of California transferred jurisdiction of the property to the CSU and has given the CSU until September 2017 to decide if it will retain the property or return it to the State.  As part of the decision making process, Cal Poly Pomona is currently working with a team of consultants to conduct a predevelopment/feasibility study. 

 The study is a necessary part of the due diligence to determine if it is feasible to develop and repurpose the property to support the University’s academic mission.  While there are numerous ideas to be considered, it is necessary first to understand the implications of redevelopment and on-going maintenance costs, the physical condition of the buildings and infrastructure, the historical significance of the site, possible land uses and building alternatives, and potential ways to generate revenue streams to support the teaching and learning enterprise.

 The scope of the predevelopment/feasibility study –


  • Available information is being assembled on the specific site, including history, physical data, past utilization, environmental constraints, transportation connections, applicable approval processes, and other site constraints and opportunities.


  • Although detailed architectural drawings are not necessary during this study, simple drawings to convey mass, height, and bulk of potential buildings are being developed.  These simple massing drawings are fed into a financial model to help the University understand potential development costs and revenue streams that might be used to offset costs.


  • A market analysis is being conducted to develop supply and demand information on potential revenue sources, such as retail, student housing, etc.


  • A survey of potential financing options is being identified to guide the economic pro forma analysis.


During the predevelopment/feasibility process, meetings are being scheduled with various campus constituents and key stakeholders in surrounding communities.  The purpose of the meetings is to provide regular updates on the project.  The detailed effort of planning and determining what will happen on the site will be undertaken if the decision is made to retain the property.  In that case the development phase will start in earnest, and a master developer will be brought on board.  Then the various constituents, (including the faculty, students, staff and surrounding communities) will be called upon to provide input, generate ideas and actively participate in the planning of how the site will be used.

February 9, 2017