President's Discovery Fellows

Become a President's Discovery Fellow

As a President's Discovery Fellow, you will represent Cal Poly Pomona's polytechnic identity. The LTD program will be a vehicle to connect what you are learning in your courses and connect that knowledge to solve problems in the outside world.  Within the Fellowship you will receive hands-on experience in identifying a societal or community need, conduct a research project that addresses that need, and propose a research-based innovation or solution to that need.

President's Discovery Fellows will complete their innovative projects during the 2018-19 AY under the guidance of their faculty mentor.  Every Fellow will be required to register for an Independent Studies course during the 2018-19 AY  that will allow for weekly meetings with the Learn Through Discovery Program Faculty to discuss project progress.

Although everyone is eligible to apply to become a President's Discovery Fellow, completing the Learn Through Discovery Orientation program module, LIB 150 and the PTC will make you and/or your group a stronger candidate. The President's Discovery Fellow awards 10 projects per academic year.