How to Participate

All students are encouraged to take advantage of the resources offered by the Learn Through Discovery Program, even if you are not planning on applying to become a President Discovery Fellow. Becoming a President Discovery Fellow is only a small part of the program, the program also offers all students the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to apply what you are learning in your classes to benefit society
  • Learn about career options in research, community engagement, and entrepreneurship
  • Meet students from across campus, not just in your discipline
  • Work with students from across campus on projects
  • Receive support from staff, faculty, and peers
  • Learn about programs and scholarships that can give students the opportunity to conduct research, serve the community, or become entrepreneurs while still a student at CPP
  • Receive assistance in applying to programs and scholarships
  • Have the potential to become a Presidential Discovery Fellow, which includes a scholarship

Participate in the Freshmen/Transfer Orientation Learn Through Discovery Program Module

All incoming Freshmen/ Transfers are eligible to participate in the Learn Through Discovery Program Orientation Module. The Module will be in a video format found in the CPP Pre-Orientation Website.

Participate in the Library 150 FYE (LIB 150) course

All students are eligible to participate in the Library 150 FYE, and learn information literacy skills for academic success. In order to participate, simply search for the course in the public schedule, and register for the course. There are several sections available depending on which quarter you plan on taking the LIB 150 course. The LIB 150 course will also provide specific information on the Learn Through Discovery Program and how to apply to the Research Training Course.

Participate in the Projects Training Course

Students who would like to register for the Projects Training Course will have to complete an application online. There are only 20-30 seats available in the Projects Training Course. Course information:

CPU 299
Class Number: 35122
Quarter: Spring 2019
Date/Time: Wednesdays 11:00 AM – 12:50 PM
Units: 2
Topic ID: LTD Projects Training Course
PTC application is now open

Participate in Project Hatchery

The new “Project Hatchery” guides students through the participation of a Polytechnic experience involving research, innovation, and community engagement. The Project Hatchery has four different stages and you can move through them at a pace that you feel is comfortable, whether that be quickly or slowly.  You are eligible to receive up to $8,000 in grants for your project in stage 3 and 4.



*For projects involving 1 or 2 students: $4,000 to share among the participants based on application budget.
For projects involving 3 or more students: $7,000 to share among the participants based on application budget.

Program Flow: Freshmen Students

Freshman Flowchart

Program Flow: Transfer Students

Transfer Flowchart