Submit A Learning Story

Faculty/Staff Story

Do you promote student learning and student success within your academic or administrative department? Have you developed a unique method or activity to in-class instruction? Do you sponsor events, or provide services that create a nurturing environment for learning? In a learning-centered environment, do you model life-long learning or use assessment for continuous improvements in your operations that result in better service to students? Do you want to share your success story?

Student Story

Is there a campus activity, club or student support program that has generated a positive change in you? Were you able to learn something new by attending a campus event, workshop or club activity? Has student employment on campus been a learning opportunity? Would you like to share your success story?

What are we looking for in the application?

  • The title gives an accurate preview of the poster, is understandable to the general audience.
  • The purpose is easily identifiable; the activities are described in sufficient detail.
  • The proposal demonstrates an understanding of learning centeredness. The relationship of the project/program to learning-centeredness is well-defined.
  • The outcomes are well- stated and measurable; their relationship to the project/program is clear.
  • All learners are well-defined; what they are supposed to learn is evident.
  • The evidence to be collected is strongly related to the project/program and its outcomes. Both direct and indirect evidence is being collected.
  • Evidence is clearly communicated. Conclusions are strongly related to outcomes.
  • Next steps are strongly related to analysis of evidence, and are described in detail with a timeline.

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