University Library

Mission Statement

As the central intellectual and cultural resource of the campus community, the purpose of the Cal Poly Pomona University Library is to provide all students, faculty, staff, and administrators with effective and equitable access to the recorded information necessary to support the University's instruction, research, and public service mission, to respond to the need of all members of the University community to be library and information literate, and to provide a rich independent learning environment where information can be explored and assimilated to knowledge.

In pursuit of its mission, the University Library

  • selects, acquires, organizes, preserves and provides effective bibliographic and physical access according to international professionally accepted standards and practices to collections of materials in a multiplicity of formats [including electronic], and duly representative of the world's cultures and points of view to (a) satisfy the curriculum-related information needs of the campus community and (b) support student and faculty scholarship relative to the curricula across the disciplines;
  • fosters faculty research and meets the non-course-related needs of students by serving as an "intelligent" and user-friendly "gateway" to national and international scholarly resources and providing a means of timely delivery of those resources through computerized information retrieval, as well as interlibrary loan and other types of resource sharing.

The University Library has a tradition of public service and experience with handling large amounts of information. Like most other academic libraries, we have historically focused on supplying individualized assistance on a one-to-one basis to a diverse clientele of students, faculty, staff, and administrators in their quest for the acquisition and integration of knowledge. All libraries, including ours, have traditionally provided individuals with a means of self-education through independent study. With its continuing focus on fulfilling the intellectual needs of the individual, the University Library should be expected to play a key role in "personalizing" the information revolution. In addition, the centrally-located University Library serves as a de facto "commons area," a "people place" where all members of the diverse campus community can and do come together to further their intellectual pursuits.

The Cal Poly Pomona Library has entered an environment conditioned by explosive changes in information technology, diminishing fiscal resources, and by a growing need to make higher education meaningful and accessible to an increasingly multi-cultural, multi-ethnic constituency.