University Library

Study Areas in the University Library

In order for the University Library to accommodate the needs of all students, we have designated areas of the library for general study, group study, and quiet study. Please see below.

General Study Space

This space provide you with carrels, tables, and computer workstations for individual study. Please note that the high traffic areas near our service desks and near the workstations are not conducive to quiet study.

  • Locations: 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors, and the 24-hour lab on the 1st floor

Group Study Rooms (42 group study rooms are available)

These rooms offer a private enclosed area to conduct group work and for study groups. These rooms are equipped with a table, chairs, and a whiteboard. Some have a screen and are equipped with a CopyCam (which allows you to capture the image from the whiteboard to a smart drive or the web). These rooms are for study sessions or group work situations that involve discussion. Rooms may be reserved using our online reservation system. Please visit h for the Group Study Rooms Reservation and Use Policy.

For the available equipment and the capacity of each room please visit:

  • Locations: 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floors

Quiet Floors

Floors 1st, 5th, and 6th are designated as quiet floors. When you exit the elevators or the stairwells signs alert you that these are the quiet floors. This means no talking, no study groups, no loud sound from computers, and no cell phones. Quiet is enforced on these floors. Anyone making noise may be asked to leave. Please feel free to contact us if these rules are not being obeyed. See the section below for contact information.

Reporting a Complaint

Please call 909-869-3075 for an immediate response. You can also email us at but please realize that since we are not able to constantly monitor emails the response time may not be immediate.

Thank you for your cooperation.