Road to Datxcua Road Mexico, Millard Sheets – Fourth Floor, Lib Office Reaching for the Sky II - The Tetons, Roger Ore – Fourth Floor, Lib Office Returning Home, Triska Blumefeld, Fourth Floor, Lib Office Untitled, Joan Miro – Fourth Floor, Lib Office Still Life with Fruit on Plate, Pierre Sicard – Fourth Floor, Lib Office
Ein Labyrinth, M. McKseper – Fourth Floor, Lib Office Rocky Mountain Autumn, Robert Peters – Fourth Floor, Lib Office Miyamoto Musashi, Homage to Kunioshi, Otsuka – Second Floor Two Actors in front of Fuji, Kunisada – Second Floor Unknown Work/Artist
Woman in Blue, Nathan Olivera – Second Floor The Hat, Barbara Burghart-Perreault - Second Floor Louise, Barbara Fumagalli – Second Floor Zebras, Erni Hans – Second Floor Bill, Man, Sun, Rooster, Erni Hans – Second Floor
2 Horses, Erni Hans – Second Floor Running Rabbit?, Padlo – Second Floor Hobgoblins for Jaynie, Linda Lyke – Second Floor Sun Games, A. P. Hires – Second Floor Backyard with Philosophical Statement Song, Norma Tanega - Second Floor
Off Ramp, Albert Beach – Second Floor Giza II, Patricia Jean Burg – Second Floor Unknown Work/Artist Tangerine, Gunther Bahrs – Second Floor Untitled, Richard Whorf – Second Floor
Majesty, Matthew Hillier – Second Floor Untitled, Erni Hans – Second Floor Algerian Memory, Ben Shahn – Second Floor Female Figure #13, Richard Diebenkorn – Second Floor Bleu Coule en Gris, A. Calder – Second Floor
I Went to New York, Eduardo Paalozzi – Second Floor La Main Ouverte, Le Corbusier – Second Floor Unknown Work/Artist After the Flood – Second Floor Shaped Fore, Diane Divelbess – Second Floor
Freedom of Speech, Faith Ringgold Unknown Work/Artist Geometric Line Study, Erni Hans - Second FloorUntitled, Roy Lichtenstein - Second Floor Healdsburg Enterprise News Paper Print – Second Floor
Lines Angle A, Lines Straight, Curve A – Ahde Lahti – Second FloorCurve B, Line B, Angle A – Ahde Lahti – Second Floor