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Lending Policy — Corporate Visitor

The collections and services of the University Library are funded by the California Legislature for the specific purpose of supporting the University‘s academic programs.  Therefore, the University Library is precluded from making its resources available to off-campus patrons should doing so interfere with academic needs. However, the library recognizes that groups or individuals referred to as “Visitors”, may have particular needs for its services.  The library will grant borrowing privileges to a corporation and its employees.

An authorized corporate administrator may request borrowing privileges for his business and employees. By doing so, he assumes the financial responsibility in the event that an individual employee fails to meet their obligations to the library. Either the administrator or a selected employee will represent the company as the “Primary” card holder.  This person will bring to the library circulation desk a letter on the company’s letter head requesting corporate borrowing privileges as well as giving the “primary” cardholder’s name. An annual nonrefundable fifty dollars ($50.00) group registration fee will be collected.  All other employees will each pay an annual nonrefundable five dollars ($5.00) use fee, which will expire concurrently with the “Primary” cards date.  All registration fee are payable by check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) ONLY.


The “Primary” card holder must have registered (paid the corporate fee) and have the corporate letter on file before other employees can register and receive borrowing privileges. All employees requesting a library card must be 18 years of age and provide proof of identity -- work ID badge or current pay stub along with a valid California driver license, California ID, or an official photo ID.


The Cal Poly Pomona Library issued card along with a California driver license, California ID, or other official photo ID, are required when completing any type of library transaction (e.g., Checkout, Renewal or Pay Fees).


A total of 10 books may be borrowed for 30 days. Books can be renewed online through My Library Account, NOT BY PHONE.  One or more book(s) overdue, will keep you in delinquent status and no further transactions will be allowed until overdue status is cleared. Reserve, Periodical, Reference, Document Delivery, and other short term loan items MAY NOT be checked out by visitors.


Only the replacement fee is refundable if the book is returned in good condition and within one-year of payment date.


Overdue fees of $.15 per day (max. $10.00 each item) will be charged.  Fees for lost or unreturned overdue books will be charged per CSU fee schedule (i.e., replacement fee of the book and accrued overdue daily billing fees).


Failure to return overdue books and/or pay fees will result in temporary loss of borrowing privileges. Repeated or serious infringements will result in permanent loss of borrowing privileges as well as notification to your employer as well as a collection agency.


In an attempt to limit unauthorized use of library materials, library personnel will record the name and identification number of anyone attempting to leave the library without properly checking out materials. Public guests who are repeat offenders will be forwarded to the Cal Poly Pomona Police Department.


One year from the original registration date.

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