University Library

Mutual Lending Agreement with Mt. SAC Library

Mutual lending of library material agreement between University Library at Cal Poly Pomona and Mt. San Antonio College Library has been established.  Under this agreement both parties must follow these guidelines:

    • Both parties will provide loan services to members of the other campus community with a valid form of campus identification and proof of eligibility (fee receipt, proof of registration).

* A member of the campus community is defined as:

      • Faculty,
      • Staff, and
      • Currently enrolled students (including undergraduates, graduates, full or part-time, summer sessions, distance education, and extended education).

** Proof of current term enrollment/registration for students

      • Current University/College I.D. and one of the following:
        • Tuition statement for current term
        • Class schedule for current term
        • Current term sticker on campus identification card

** Proof of current employment for faculty and staff such as:

      • Current University/ College I.D., or
      • Current pay stub within last two months, or
      • Current employment contract, or
      • Letter on proper department stationary showing that you are current employed by reciprocal institution, signed by a university/college administrator
    • Borrowers are subject to all the rules and regulations established by the lending library (please ask lending library for these rules).
      • Rules that govern the access to and the availability of library materials
      • Loan periods and delinquency fees
      • Recalls and renewals
    • Borrowers must acknowledge that some services such as reference assistance, use of electronic databases, assistance in locating materials, and access to computers and computer facilities in the library may be limited to the students, faculty, and staff of the home library.
    • Borrowers are expected to return material in its original condition directly to the lending library by the due date. However, if the book is recalled, borrower must return the material by the recall date.
    • Both libraries in this agreement will intervene on behalf of the other library (upon request) using whatever means possible (such as withholding grades, registration, or transcripts) to retrieve unreturned materials or to collect fines/bills.
      • Notices of recall(s) and any billed library charges will be sent to the borrower.
      • Notices of unpaid fines and billed items will be sent to borrower’s home library.
      • Replacement costs for library material that has been lost or damaged will be determined by the lending libraries in accordance with their existing policies.

** The home library must receive notice of borrower’s name and the information about any unreturned materials or unpaid fines within 3 months of the due date.  Notice should include:

    • Name of Borrower
    • Item(s) unreturned / due date of items
    • Return date of unpaid fines
    • Amount of billed item (if applicable)
  • Given evidence of abuse, borrowing privileges will be withdrawn from any user.
  • Both parties agree to communicate with each other changes to any library policies or procedures that will affect the borrowing library community.

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