University Library

Photocopying and Printing

Print Release Stations

All research workstations in the library have print capability. Printers are available in the following computer area:

  • 1st floor 24 Hour Computer Lab - 1 black and white printer
  • 2nd floor Productivity Center - 1 color printer, 1 black and white printer
  • 2nd floor Learning Commons - 1 black and white printer
  • 4th floor computer area - 1 black and white printer
  • 5th floor computer area - 1 black and white printer
  • 6th floor computer area - 1 black and white printer

You can only print from the printing station located on the floor where you submit your print job. There are two print release stations in each printing station. Either BroncoBucks or cash (add to your Pharos Account first) may be used to activate the print release stations. If you're paying using BroncoBucks, swipe your Bronco ID card in the card-swipe on one of the print release station keyboard. If you are paying using funds in your Pharos Account, use the Login print release station to enter your BroncoName and BroncoPassword. Detailed printing instruction is posted on each printing station.

You may add money to your BroncoBucks online (need to register for a Bronco Bucks Account first) with credit cards or in person at the Foundation Cashier's Office (Building 55), Los Olivos Cashier's Office, or the Guest/ BroncoBucks/Dining Services Office (Campus Center - Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters only) in cash, check, or debit card ($5.00 minimum).

You may add money to your Pharos Account using the Pharos Print System Kiosks with cash, bills only. The kiosks are located across from the Circulation Desk near the entrance and by the print release station in the Productivity Center. The machines do not accept coins, nor do they give change.


  • Black and White
    • Printing - $0.10 per page
    • Copying - $0.10 per page
  • Color printing and copying - $0.55 per page


Many databases and catalogs allow you to email the records you select to your own email account. Consult the help screens or ask a librarian at the reference desk for assistance.


  • 2 on the Second Floor (1 B/W and 1 Color copier) near the Circulation Desk
  • 1 B/W in the Third Floor Copy Room


Microform Copiers

Microfilm/fiche reader printers are located near the Second Floor Media Collection.  Print jobs can be retrieved from any print release station on the Second floor.  Images may also be saved to a USB flashdrive.

Non-Cal Poly, Pomona Users

Non-Cal Poly users must first create a guest account and add money to it at the Pharos Print System Kiosk (located near the 2nd Floor Circulation Desk), before they can print or make copies.


Note: The Library of Cal Poly Pomona has been cashless since January 2, 2003. Change is available from the Starbucks, Food Service Facilities, or the ASI office at Bronco Student Center 2nd floor.

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