University Library

Student Resources

"I would use eBooks. I think they would be easier to use and to do homework with."Annette, Science- Kinesiology
"The more resources they offer the better I think you will do in school."Annette, Science- Kinesiology
"The financial parts of the school are the last thing students should have to think about. We should just be able to focus on school instead of having to worry about paying for books."Annette, Science- Kinesiology
"EBooks help me because I have to pay for rent and food so that money I saved helped me go towards that."Alyssa, CLASS-Economics (graduate student)
"There are always students that have to work and won't have their parents to take care of them"Alyssa, CLASS-Economics (graduate student)
"EBooks are more efficient than printed textbooks."J'Tasha, Business- Entertainment Marketing
"It saves your back because you don't have to carry around those heavy books."J'Tasha, Business- Entertainment Marketing
"The library reserve is great when I'm on campus and don't want to carry my book to school. I can check it out and study or do homework for a while."Kim, ENV- Architecture
"I really like being able to search through the table of contents. It helped with the class and homework."Catherine, Education Credentials Program
"I wish it was offered more by my teachers."Kevin, Business- Entertainment Marketing
"Being able to search through to find a certain term is really convenient."Kevin, Business- Entertainment Marketing
"Less stress and for me the money not spent on a book could go towards gas."Andrew, CLASS- Philosophy
"More spending more stress, less spending less stress."Andrew, CLASS- Philosophy
"It's a lot easier to find what you're looking for; easier to flip through pages."Alex, Engineering- Electrical Engineering
"When you do have to pay for tuition you have to work more hours to compensate, then buying books on top of that - and some books you only use for a quarter or two."Alex, Engineering- Electrical Engineering
"You won't stress about working to get more money to pay everything off."Alex, Engineering- Electrical Engineering
"Some people can't afford the textbooks so they go through the quarter without any textbook - and that quarter is a lot tougher."Alex, Engineering- Electrical Engineering