University Library

Add Research Guides to Blackboard

The library has created a variety of discipline specific research guides in an effort to introduce students to the resources that are most useful when conducting research in specific subject areas and/or in specific courses. Linking to these resources from within your Blackboard course makes it easier for your students to find and benefit from these guides. To add a discipline specific library research guide to your course, click on the + sign above the navigation menu on the left side of the screen and then select "Create External Link" from the drop-down menu.

External link

From the "Add External Link" box, type in the name of the link as you want it to appear on the main menu, such as Library Research Guide.

Next, go to the library homepage ( and click on the Research Guides link beneath the Research heading.

Link to Research Guides

Browse for a relevant guide by Subject or search by keyword.

Guides Home

Copy the URL for the selected guide.

Guide URL

Paste the guide URL into the URL box in the Add External Link window.

Add External Link Box

After entering the URL, click Submit.

Click the new link to test it. Your Research Guide should appear.

If you'd like to request the creation of a subject or course guide, please contact the subject specialist for your department.