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Create Linked Reading Lists

You can create reading lists that link to articles in library databases.

Select the Content Area where you want to put your reading list.

In this case, I've already created a " Readings" content area.


Now click on the Build button and select the Create External Link option.

Create External Link

Type in a name for the reading in the Name field and any citation information you want to include in the Text field.

External Link Information

Now you'll need to type in the URL. This is where it gets a little tricky. Do NOT simply copy and paste the URL from your browser window. In order for your link to work, you'll need to use a persistent URL (also called persistent link or stable URL). Many databases list the persistent URL in the record for the article. Note the example from the database EBSCOhost Academic Search Elite below.

Persistent Link Example

In the example above, notice the areas highlighted in yellow: the 0- (zero followed by a dash) immediately following http:// and the after the .com. 

If the database you are using does not include the highlighted elements in the URL, you must insert them yourself.

Here's an example from the JSTOR database.

The Stable URL is listed as:

To revise the URL for off-campus access, insert the 0- and as follows:

You can then enter the off-campus enabled persistent link for the article you want in the "URL" field in Blackboard.


Then click submit.

Go to the course content area where you created your reading list and check the link.

Check link

Click the heading and the article will open within Blackboard.

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